Now either I'm getting too old, or I've subconsciously found a way to block out anything with the words "Baller Brand" out of my timeline, because while I definitely remember Lonzo Ball said that Nas was no longer relevant, I had no idea that this Lakers rookie was dropping actual songs. It looks like his single "Melo Ball 1" features his brother, LaMelo Ball, on the cover. I only know LaMelo as the younger Ball son who said "nigga" on a live mic—twice!—during their infamous appearance on Raw. Take a listen to "Melo Ball 1" below.

While this track is nothing to write home about (and really, nothing I want to hear ever again), I guess I can understand why he'd idolize someone like Future, although I hope he's either spending loads of time in training for the 2017-18 NBA season or parlaying some of that hard work and dedication to perfecting his rapping. If he wants some beats, he might even be able to hit up DJ Mustard for some of that heat.

Mustard, who has blessed the likes of Tyga ("Rack City"), YG ("My Nigga"), and Tinashe ("2 On") with memorable instrumentals, got stopped by the paparazzi during a recent shopping trip at the Balenciaga store. As those cameramen (and women) are wont to do, they hit him up with questions they felt were prevalent to his background, i.e. making rap music. When asked if he'd lace Lonzo (ZO?) with some heat, Mustard said he would, under one stipulation: "Shit, for some of that Baller Brand money, hell yeah!"

Why would Mustard do this? Because he supports "black-owned businesses," and primarily because he is a "black-owned business." The pap went further, asking if Ball should stick to rapping or if he can work in both lanes, and Mustard kept it a buck, saying, "We can do whatever we want, as people, as a culture. He can do whatever he wants to do."

Straight facts from Dijon himself.