Lady Gaga will reportedly take the stand in Dr. Luke’s defamation case against Kesha.

According to Page Six, Gaga “will appear for a deposition pursuant to [Luke’s] subpoena in this action, during the month of September.” The singer has also reportedly agreed to hand over text message conversations she and Kesha had in 2013. Luke’s attorney’s subpoenaed Gaga earlier this year and requested un-redacted copies of the texts in which Kesha reportedly discussed Luke’s alleged abuse.

Though Gaga had previously supplied a four-page spreadsheet of the texts, the producer’s legal team claims the document was so redacted it was difficult to understand.

“Lady Gaga has always been prepared to testify so long as reasonable limitations were established. That has now been accomplished,” Gaga’s attorney Orin Snyder told Page Six.

The Joanne singer was initially subpoenaed “because Dr. Luke’s counsel has not been able to obtain, despite repeated request, a deposition date from Lady Gaga.” Gaga’s team later insisted there was no reason for her to testify, as Luke was “attempting to manipulate the truth and draw press attention to their case by exaggerating Lady Gaga‘s role and falsely accusing her of dodging reasonable requests.”

The date of Gaga’s testimony has not been revealed.

This marks the latest chapter in Luke and Kesha’s ongoing legal battle. In 2013, Kesha accused the producer of sexual and emotional abuse during their collaborations. Luke fired back, filing a defamation lawsuit against the singer, claiming she made up the allegations in an attempt to get out of her contract.