That time I crowd-surfed and lost two sticks of gum and a lighter, I was bummed for weeks. But when Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jxmmi leaps into a crowd, there's much more at stake:

Slim Jxmmi lost an extremely valuable chain when jumping into the crowd during a show at Zénith in Paris Monday night, Europe 1 reportedEurope 1 added that they had gathered information valuing the lost (or stolen?) piece at 100,000 euros ($113,515). After the show, Jxmmi reportedly filed a complaint with local police.​ Jxmmi also confirmed the $100k valuation on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. 

In post-surf footage taken by a show attendee, the Sremmurd team is seen telling whoever has the chain to bring it to the stage so they could be rewarded with being brought on tour with them, and/or 50,000 euros:

Though current reports don't make it clear exactly which chain disappeared during the crowdsurf session, HipHopDX noted that Jxmmi has been seen wearing a piece emblazoned with "JXM" recently:

Jxmmi, however, isn't too worried about it: