Before the process is even fully underway, it's clear Britain's decision to leave the EU is greatly affecting proceedings today and, as predicted—in due course—art in reflection of this will begin to roll out. Today, two of the foremost eminent black artists in J Appiah and Kojey Radical reveal a new collaboration, largely based in post-Brexit sentiment.

Touching on themes of love and loss, with allusion towards the unstable political landscape of now, the pair present "Come Around". Opening out with a typically haunting 'sixteen from poet and rapper Kojey Radical, he muses defiantly before making way for J Appiah's rich tone, sliding over solemn piano keys. "I wrote this song when I woke up the morning after Brexit," says J Appiah. "I think most of us were shocked—I was, especiallyand it really affected my mood."

This track serves to outline the proviso of great art prevailing within peak times of adversity. Listen exclusively below.