Continuing their run of Past, Present & Future releases, where newer producer names reinvigorate rave classics, Cr2 Records are back with another reworking. This time, it's the turn of DJ Jeroenski's anthemic "Back Once Again", which has been taken on by Essex-based DJ and producer Max Chapman for snappy, peak-time makeover. 

"I think everyone agrees that the 'Renegade Master' vocal is cool, but it's also been used plenty of times in dance music and it's always been one I've skipped past in my acapella library," Chapman told Complex when explaining why he revisited the track. "That said, it's always been sampled for an original track, and for this Past, Present & Future campaign, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to do a proper remix of the original. It came together pretty easily in the studio and it's definitely stood up to the test when I've played it out. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a D for Damager."

Max Chapman's "Back Once Again" remix drops July 21 (pre-order here). Keep an eye on Cr2 Records and their Past, Present & Future project for more releases, live events and a compilation at the end of the year.