The wait for Lana Del Rey's new album, Lust for Life, is almost over. Following months of speculation regarding featured artists, a release date, and what the theme of the album would turn out to be, the album is set to drop this Friday (July 21).

Not everyone is patient enough to hold out, though. On Tuesday, a user on the Lana Del Rey subreddit shared (and quickly deleted) a photo of an early album copy they claimed to have purchased at a record store in Canada. Not long after the alleged sales debauchery, a leaked copy of Lust for Life began circulating on the internet, sending fans into hysterics.

Lana del rey's 'Lust For Life' album has leaked


— phi 🌘 (@fideocxdeno) July 19, 2017

Me calling to find out why Lana doesn't have a Grammy for lust for life even though the album isn't out yet

— joey (@JAlLBATE) July 19, 2017

Not everyone was so appreciative of the drop. This might come as a shock, but the artist who is actually responsible for the project wasn't happy about people leaking the album or simply listening to a leaked copy, so Del Rey waded through Twitter to make fun of a few people in pursuit of the leaked album.

One user in particular, who hinted to his followers he was going to go listen to Lust for Life, got called a "little fucker" by Del Rey. What an honor!

U little fuckers

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) July 19, 2017

It's hard to read tone through text—particularly with a 140-character limit—but on the surface, Del Rey reads like she's none too happy about the whole thing. Of course, she's sort of a mysterious artist, so maybe the short, blunt replies to her fans are just her way of messing with them.

K what is it

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) July 19, 2017

Yeah I know how to do that ok

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) July 19, 2017

Better be

— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) July 19, 2017

But Del Rey hasn't been shy expressing her thoughts on leaks in the past. In a 2013 interview with, she claimed at one point she had stopped working on new music because a record of hers had been leaked. "My life is like completely invaded," she said at the time.

Her distaste for leaks is well known, and some of her die-hard fans even mocked people listening to the Lust for Life leak as fans of a lower caliber.

All of my timeline is listening to Lust For Life when Lana keeps telling y'all not to leak her music

— Horace (@gaycourtjester) July 19, 2017

Here the link of Lust For Life , it leaked , you want it
Me :

— Del Rey (@AuteretRemi) July 19, 2017

For those of you able to hold out until Lust for Life drops Friday, be prepared for a more political record from Del Rey this time around. During an interview with Pitchfork, Del Rey discussed how the change from Barack Obama to Donald Trump has informed a change in her worldview, and thus her music.

"Women started to feel less safe under this administration instantly," she said. "What if they take away Planned Parenthood? What if we can’t get birth control? ... The reason why I asked Stevie Nicks to be on the record is because she changes when her environment changes, and I’m like that as well."

Del Rey also shared what it was like to perform at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding:

It was a surprise for Kim. I hadn’t met her. I sang “Young and Beautiful,” “Summertime Sadness,” “Blue Jeans.” Kanye requested “Young and Beautiful.” The girls—the Kardashians—were so nice. There was only one front row, just them, right there. They were living for it. They started playing Kanye and Jay-Z records for the rest of the thing and it rained and everyone was just up dancing in the rain. I stayed for like 40 minutes and then I left.

If you know what's good for you, do yourself a favor and just stay strong these last couple days, lest you turn into the subject of Del Rey's personal scorn. The theme, the collaborations, and the merit of Lust for Life will all be clear soon enough.