Nothing is sacred on the internet, but there are certain topics you see pop up that a decent human being knows not to joke about. You would think that would include a story like the alleged sex cult R. Kelly is subjecting a group of young women to, given how vile the concept is and Kelly's known history of being a creep.

Somebody apparently forgot to send the memo to Diplo, because the DJ and record producer thought Kelly's reported abuse of young women was something to laugh with the timeline about. Early Tuesday afternoon, he lobbed a joke to his followers about applying for membership in the cult.

If the above reaction attached to the screenshot didn't send a strong enough hint, the reaction to Diplo's "joke" was universal disgust, and Twitter users were happy to reach out directly and make sure he knew how tasteless it was.

Even with the wave of backlash directed Diplo's way, he seems pretty unconcerned by the whole thing. After deleting the "joke" from his page, he went about his day on social media, posting pictures of himself and discussing the merits of airplane food. 

I have no earthly idea whether Diplo is a nice guy or a complete jackass, but if you want to make yourself look like the latter, mocking a potentially serious issue and then ignoring the fallout from it is definitely one way to go about it.

Diplo doesn't look interested in grappling with the serious nature of the Kelly report, and it's a real shame. But regardless of whether he chooses to ignore responsibility and not engage the topic as seriously as it deserves, it's on all of us to treat potential abuse seriously, even if the parties involved issue denials on the subject