Vic Mensa reignited the hype surrounding his forthcoming debut studio album last week with the release of the Manuscript EP. On Friday, Mensa joined DJ Damage and Bootleg Kev on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles to talk new music and (of course) field inquiries about whatever Jay Z is working on.

After telling the hosts he and Jay last spoke "a couple weeks ago," Mensa was hit with a 4:44 question. "It's an important number," Mensa said. "It's symbolic. It means things and people will find out." As revealed last week, 4:44 features Danny Glover, Lupita Nyong’o, and Mahershala Ali. What exactly 4:44 is, or whether it will involve new Jay Z music, remains to be seen.

Asked for info on a possible release date or further clarification, Mensa kept it vague. "I actually don't know any types of timelines or anything," Mensa said. "It's not mine." When directly pressed about new Jay Z music, Mensa stopped short of confirming anything. "I might have heard some, a little bit," he said.

Mensa also discussed his relationship with Chance the Rapper, the many iterations of Kanye West's "Wolves," the possibility of a Trump impeachment, and what to expect from his debut album this summer. "It's family on there, and it's also some of that top-tier," Mensa teased. Catch the full interview above.