Despite riding a wave of overwhelming success over the last couple years, Travis Scott sometimes runs into the occasional identity issue. When a stray "fan" in New York City happened to misidentify him as ASAP Rocky in 2015, Scott let the man know in no uncertain terms it was the last time he'd make that mistake.

Not everybody appears to have gotten the message. During a recent tour stop in Johannesburg, South Africa, Scott ran into some exuberant young fans on the street. There's just one simple problem—they didn't realize it was Scott, and appear to be yell""Chief Keef!" over and over again as they approach Scott in the street.

To Scott's credit, he doesn't lash out at the kids for the mistake, and appears happy to pose with them despite the error. And really, how could you get mad at a bunch of little kids for a case of mistaken identity? When I was growing up, I thought every fat man with a white beard was Santa Claus, so I can't knock these kids for confusing La Flame with Keef.

He has every reason to shrug off the mix-up. Between his very public relationship with Kylie Jenner, his upcoming solo project Astroworldand a still untitled collaboration with Quavo, Scott is riding high these days, and with the right moves in the months to come, he's set to become an even bigger star than he already is.

Maybe then people will start recognizing him when he tours around the globe. Until then, he's better off just smiling and nodding when awkward moments like this arise.