Halsey performed her new single "Now or Never" Sunday at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The track, which acts as the lead single from her sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, was brought to life with fire and mysterious masked individuals.

On Twitter, Halsey's performance revived criticism from Rihanna fans who feel the track and accompanying visual elements are noticeably Rihanna-esque. Specifically, some have claimed, "Now or Never" is similar to Rihanna's 2016 track "Needed Me."

Meanwhile, Halsey fans have noted that "Now or Never" is believed to have come to fruition back in 2014.

The two tracks also share a co-writer: Brittany Hazzard, a.k.a. Starrah.

At last year's MTV Video Music Awards, Halsey called Rihanna "my biggest inspiration." Same, honestly.

When speaking with Billboard after Sunday's "Now or Never" performance, Halsey was asked about the pressures of following her successful 2015 debut album Badlands.

"I think that, you know, you have the concern, what is a fluke? What is an accident?" she said. "When you're putting out your first album, you're new. So nobody has an opinion on you. Everyone just wants to check it out. Then when you're putting out your second album, a lot of people already have an opinion, so that kinda makes you nervous about what's gonna happen. But I made the best album that I could possibly make, and I know my fans are gonna love it."