Vince Staples is back with a new episode of S E A B S Radio on Beats 1, and today he's talking about beef. It's a similar subject that popped up during his Complex video cover story with Touré. In that conversation, Vince was adamant about not being a fan of beef in rap.

Here, Vince recties Biggie's hook from "What's Beef?" before digging into a history of beef.

"There’s so many beefs over the course of time," Vince says. "The Jews vs. the Gentiles, the Warriors vs. New York City, the Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Based God vs everyone who wanted to defy the nature of his being, his happiness. Most beefs are started over happiness actually. My grandmother once said, a n*** doesn’t wanna hang by himself. Think about that. She really said that too that was crazy."

Vince also reveals his favorite beef: Brandy vs. Monica in "The Boy Is Mine." No, really.

During the radio show, Vince shares his take on what a real MC is.

He also gets into a lengthy discussion about Micheal Jackson and his legacy.

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Image via Beats 1

You can listen in live on Beats 1 here.