When Queens' own Nicki Minaj isn't paying her fans' student loans or hopping on Katy Perry's latest single, she can be found making the internets go nuts thinking she's boo'd up with Nas over a picture they took at Nas' restaurant, Sweet Chick. During a recent visit to Ellen, Nicki was forced to speak on the Nas situation which, word to Ellen, was expertly done.

You have to respect Ellen setting Nicki up with a conversation about her exposed breast during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year to segue into asking which breast Nas preferred. Genius. After getting over her initial shock, Nicki didn't shy away from speaking about how she feels about Nas, saying, "He's dope. He's the king. He's such a king. He is the king of Queens and I'd like to think I'm the queen of Queens... well, he's a rap legend, so let's just say I have a lot of respect for him and you know, he's kind of cute, too."

Ellen delved further, getting Nicki to admit that yes, she and Nas have had "sleepovers" (damn, Ellen asking the tough questions), but saying they haven't done "the nasty," because she's "just chilling right now. I'm celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men." That makes sense, considering that back in January it was confirmed that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had broken up.

Nicki did say that she might consider making Nas an exception to her rule on dating men right now, "Because he's so dope."

The ball is in your court, Esco.