A photo of Nicki Minaj and Nas popped up on Instagram early Wednesday, giving some fans on Twitter plenty of reason to see a conclusion and promptly jump to it. The photo in question, posted to Minaj's account, was taken at Sweet Chick (co-owned by Nas) in New York City:

The two were apparently out for dinner with Statik Selektah, who tagged Sweetgrass Productions in his own photo from the night:

Published rumors about the relationship of Minaj and Nas, who appeared together in the "Right By My Side" video back in 2012, apparently started making the usual gossip rounds earlier this year. At some point, a hopeful hashtag was born. Though Minaj's latest Instagram post (which appears to be congratulatory and not romantic) doesn't in any way confirm those rumors, tweets of support for Minaj and Nas are rolling in:

But not everyone is conclusion-jumping, choosing instead to take a more skeptical approach:

At the time of publication, Minaj and Nas hadn't publicly commented on any of this.