Boosie Badazz had a scheduled headlining appearance at the Virigina Motorsports Park’s Spring Fest canceled after two concertgoers were reportedly shot before Boosie’s set began. According to CBS affiliate WTVR in Dinwiddie County, Virgina, shots initially rang out at approximately 8:00 p.m. Additional shots were then fired at different locations within the park.

“There was just a mass exit of the park,” Major William Knott of the Dinwiddie Sheriff's Office told WTVR. “People running, there were people who fell, falling, scraping their knees, those types of minor injuries. Fortunately, the injuries seem to be minor. It’s something that could have turned out a lot worse.” 

Authorities believe between 10,000 and 12,000 people were at the venue before the commotion began. Two victims reportedly suffered non-lethal gunshot wounds. Bullets struck two cars, and a third victim was injured by glass from one of the stricken vehicles.

“My heart n prayers go out to the victims of last night,” Boosie wrote in a caption to his Instagram video response to the shooting. “Stop blaming me for this craziness."

“I’m kinda pissed off,” Boosie said. “I was supposed to be in Dinwiddie for the car show. They started shootin’ and started shootin’ again, so I won’t be allowed to go.”

In February, a man was killed in an unrelated shooting during the filming of a Boosie Badazz and Baby Soulja video in Jacksonville, Florida.