Their collaborative single may be called "Still Got Time," but it looks like time ran out on Partynextdoor and Zayn Malik's friendship, both personal and professional.

The Sauga City kid has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the former One Direction crooner in recent days: not only did Party unfollow Zayn from all social media, he went back and deleted any mention of him and their single from his timelines and removed remixes of “Still Got Time” from both YouTube and Spotify. A blurb about the single was even cut from Party's Wikipedia page

British gossip site Daily Mail speculates that Party isn't happy with the chart performance of "Still Got Time;" it reached # 24 on the UK Singles Charts but only # 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It did manage to crack the Top 10 in Belgium though! So far Zayn is still following and has left all promotional posts in support of the single live on his channels, but it doesn't look like we'll see another collaboration between these two anytime in the near future.