On Thursday, a Tim Westwood TV interview featuring Migos was uploaded onto YouTube. And though they didn't repeat their 17-minute freestyle performance from a few years ago, the trio did a sit down that featured a lot of crosstalk. View for yourself above.

In the interview they were asked about "Bad and Boujee," Offset's rumored romance with Cardi B. (a mention of which caused the group to lapse into stone-faced silence), and gave a shout-out to DJ Khaled due to the newly released star-packed jam "I'm the One."

Also on the Migos front, though it wasn't discussed on Tim Westwood's show, the group said they shouldn't face punishment in a lawsuit brought about by a stylist from Niykee Heaton's "Bad Intenions" video. Said stylist accused the group of walking off with $20,000 in clothing items from the shoot's wardrobe.

According to TMZ, Migos claimed that's standard practice. "This is Los Angeles," they began. "If an artist allegedly removing items from a music video, fashion shoot etc. constituted malicious or oppressive conduct, courts would be inundated with lawsuits."

As TMZ notes, they're not admitting they took that stuff—just that if they did, well, it happens. The lawsuit is for more than a million dollars in damages.

Guess we'll see how that drama (oh, and that defense) plays out in time.