Lady Gaga was the Saturday headliner at Coachella Music Festival, but she had a little something more than the performance in store for her fans. After debuting the song on stage, Gaga dropped her new single titled "The Cure" on all of your favorite streaming services.

"The Cure" sounds like the return to form Gaga fans have been clamoring for. Although her performance during the Super Bowl halftime show received plenty of adulation, her music has been pretty experimental in recent years. Her most recent album, Joanne, was a barer, more personal record than previous efforts, with "The Cure" aligning closer with the formulas for her biggest hits.

It's an upbeat, catchy tune whose arrival ahead of the summer will give fans something to play with sunroofs and windows down. There's no indication yet whether Gaga's new song will be part of an upcoming project—and her latest album released just six months ago—but it's a welcome addition to her catalog either way.