Jeremih released the long-awaited video for his single "I Think of You" Tuesday. The track, featuring Chris Brown and Big Sean, was initially released back in February before we immediately named it one of 10 new songs you should be hearing everywhere soon. With a new video featuring a very special cameo from Nick Joseph and Dan Rue, "I Think of You" should be all set for a second wave.

In an interview with Complex shortly after the song's release, Jeremih detailed the long road to fruition for the Later That Night single. "I Think of You," Jeremih revealed, started as a potential collab with T.I. before fate intervened. "That song kicked off about two years ago with me and T.I. originally," Jeremih said. "That's the first person I thought to put on and no joke, he sent it back the very next day, and I really love that version of the song."


At the end of 2016, "I Think of You" producer Yung Berg told Jeremih that Chris Brown had added a verse to the song after hearing it. "I was like, damn, that's crazy," Jeremih told Complex. "So we had that song, just me and him, for a second." Big Sean later added two verses, but Jeremih confirmed they "kept the better of the two" on the final version.

Later That Night, the follow-up to Jeremih's 2015 album Late Nights, is due at some point this year. According to Jeremih, the album may end up being his final album to be released through Def Jam.