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Chance the Rapper has earned love from millions of fans because he's turned large-scale events into scenes that feel like intimate experiences. Everything from the music itself to his display name on Twitter ("Lil Chano From 79th") reflects his humble nature and his reverence for everyone who helped him along the way.

Saturday's #MCW2 event was yet another opportunity for Chance to show love to the people who support him the most. Chance told his Twitter followers two days prior to be on the lookout for an email from SoundCloud, with exclusive details on when and where the follow-up to 2016's Magnificent Coloring Day would take place:

Invites slowly trickled out to his biggest fans — at least the ones who frequent his SoundCloud page — and they understandably lost their minds at the prospect of an invitation-only event hosted by their favorite rapper:

The 2016 edition of Magnificent Coloring Day featured an insane bill of artists, from John Legend to Lil Wayne to Young Thug, so the stakes were high for MCW2. But rather than hold a single event, #MCW2 looks like it may have been an honest-to-goodness experiment from Chance, with fans being shipped to different locations to take part in an intimate experience.

Despite posts that showed the event listing for the tickets being listed for 6:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., reactions to the concert started pouring in hours before the listed time provided by SoundCloud.

This might have been intentional misdirection to keep the event secret, as evidence points to #MCW2 being a multi-part event that invitees won't all experience at the same time. Fans shared stories of their phones being taken away when they reached the location(s) for the event, which matches up with the need to stop early attendees from spoiling the show for later concert-goers.

The location of the show is still a mystery, and it's not exactly clear whether fans were brought to the same place or spread across different venues in the Chicago area. Those fortunate enough to get tickets were bussed around the city together before they reached their destination, sharing the journey together prior to the experience:

There were far more Chance fans that were not able to attend than were, but there's good news for those of you feeling sour about missing out. Several people claiming to be in attendance have since shared that a movie was being shot on location, and the contents of #MCW2 could be coming to Netflix in the near future:

If you're out there listening, Chance, give the people what they want. It sounds like this was a one-of-a-kind event that should be shared with as many people as possible, and even if fans couldn't be there in person, the opportunity to get a glimpse of Chance's unique artistry isn't one people should pass up.