If you had the chance to meet your favorite rapper, how would you act? You'd at least try to avoid making it as awkward as possible, right? That's clearly not Awkwafina's end goal when she meets her idol, Yung Simmie, on the latest episode of TAWK

The Florida rapper stops by with the goal of talking about his new album, Simmie Season 2, but only ends up answering random questions like, "Would you rather lose your eye or your butt hole?" and "How did you feel when Iggy Azalea made a shittier version of "Fancy?" Host Awkwafina proceeds to make Simmie pull an animal out of a box and rap to an EDM beat that never drops. All in all, it's uncomfortable to watch—but in a good way.  

Check out the full interview in the clip above and then check out DJ Kool Herc reminiscing about Biggie on a previous episode of TAWK.