T.I. has come to Snoop Dogg's defense after the Trump clowning in BADBADNOTGOOD's "Lavender" video resulted in a belated tweet from the former Apprentice host himself. Trump, who I guess has nothing better to do, accused Snoop Wednesday of having a "failing career" and said he would have received "jail time" if the video—in which Snoop fires a gag gun at a Trump-ish clown—had instead depicted former POTUS Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, T.I. shared an Instagram note in which he reminded Donald "I Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Shoot Somebody" Trump that Snoop's a "fucking legend." T.I. added that Trump, a "diarrhea face ass man," should keeps all legends' names out of his "puppy piss smelling ass mouth" and instead focus on what he does best: dividing a nation and fucking everything up.

Common has also expressed support for Snoop, telling TMZ Thursday that hip-hop has always been about freedom of expression. "That's one of the most powerful things," he said. "Hip-hop has been a voice for so many people."

In a press release earlier this week, "Lavender" director Jesse Wellens mentioned his Air Force service and reminded critics of "every American's right" to free speech. "The 'Lavender' (Nightfall Remix) music video is a spoof," he said. "It is a satirical parody on issues that impact Americans. In this fictional story, clowns were chosen because their true emotions are obscured. The impenetrable face can mask reality, and we are asking viewers to question what they are really seeing."