Rick Ross’ most recent album, Rather You Than Me, finds him targeting his former collaborator Birdman on the track “Idols Become Rivals.” Ross doesn’t mince words, comparing rumors of Birdman’s underhanded financial dealings to the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. But according to Ross, the song was about at least one other A-list celebrity.

"'Idols Become Rivals,' and putting Chris Rock on it—someone I once had a difference with, so it’s two sides to that," Rozay revealed in a recent VEVO interview. “Everybody don’t just become your rival. You also can gain allies, and I did both on the record. This the first time I actually pointed it out.”

Rock got off a few jokes at Rick Ross’ expense during the 2014 BET Awards in reference to Ross’ weight and seizures.

“Rick Ross even has headphones,” Rock said. “Dre got Beats. Rick Ross has dia-Beats. They’re headphones that you put on swollen feet before you chop ’em off.”

Ross didn’t seem particularly pleased at the time and showed his displeasure with a tweet calling Rock "washed up."

The pair eventually reconciled, with Rock providing the opening interlude for “Idols Become Rivals” and shouting out both Wingstop and Belaire Rose.