It's been almost a year since King Reign's untimely passing, but his legacy continues through his music and a group of friends committed to maintaining the positive impact he had on the hip-hop community in Toronto and beyond. The newly released "Santa Romeo" video showcases Reign's humor and storytelling, using animated visuals to help bring his words to life. 

The track tells a light-hearted and upbeat song tells of the romantic highs and lows of a Casanova-type narrator who always seems to find himself in precarious situations with his love interests. It features production by Darp Malone, with assistance from DJ and producer Skratch Bastid and Juno winner and multi-instrumentalist Ivana Santilli on the horn. The animations for the video were created by Toronto-based Solis Animations.

Peep the awesome video above and stay tuned for more releases; King Reign's friends and family assure that there's more music to come.