With Joey Badass getting more political on his forthcoming album All-Amerikkkan Badass, it looks like now might be the wrong time to be around him while impersonating President Trump.

According to reports, the guy dressed up as Trump in the video above is an impersonator named Phillip Wilburn, who's apparently made appearances on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He says that he was performing at an MTV event in Los Angeles last September when Joey saw him on stage and shoved him, causing him to fall off of the stage.

Judging by the footage, it's hard to tell what was going on. There was also a Hillary Clinton impersonator on stage, and it sounded like Joey might have been having the crowd cheer for her. Wilburn can be seen hoisting himself onto the stage and looking for some attention from the crowd. When Joey realizes who he is, he gives him the double bird, then appears to push Trump from behind. Wilburn then goes ass over tea kettle into the crowd, who doesn't seem that concerned with his well-being.

TMZ says Wilburn is suing Joey for over $1.5 million in damages, including $1,000 in medical expenses from the fall that could balloon to $25,000 if he gets whatever surgery he says he needs. He also claims he might lose around $50,000 in lost profits. There's no indication on what he is said to have injured, or why he's suing for over one million dollars.

We've reached out to a rep for Joey Badass and will update when available.