In what's set to be a more pointless beef than Bow Wow versus Funkmaster Flex, the man known as Shad Moss decided to clap at Donald Trump. At least this time, he sort of has a reason.

For those who haven't been up on the Snoop Dogg news beat (trust me, this all connects), he recently dropped a video for his song "Lavender," which features him mock-shooting a clown that is made up to look like our Cheeto-hued President, Donald Trump. As expected, Trump took to Twitter earlier this morning to throw some awkward shots at Snoop.

For some reason, Bow Wow felt it was only right to throw some shots at Trump for "uncle" Snoop, who is credited as the person who not only christened Shad Moss "Lil' Bow Wow," but has been something like a mentor to him throughout the years.

Wait, what? No, Shad, you can't say sh*t like "before we pimp your wife and make her work for us." That's not how this sh*t works at ALL, no matter how badly you want to stand up for your "uncle."

Twitter was not with it, and let Lil' Bow Wow know rather quickly.

Again, Lil' Bow Wow, kudos for standing tall (chuckle) and defending Big Snoop Dogg. But you're a grown-ass man, dog (chuckle); you need to do better. Start with not SAYING STUPID SH*T LIKE YOU'D PIMP THE PRESIDENT'S WIFE (OR ANY WOMAN FOR THAT MATTER) OVER A BEEF YOU'RE LITERALLY NOT IN. OR EVER.

Thank you.

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