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As Funkmaster Flex and Bow Wow's beef extends into its second day, the rest of the world is left asking one simple question: why us? Donald Trump was recently elected president. There's a horrific war going on in Syria. Yet here we are, stuck listening to the least interesting rap beef one could imagine. 

Things kicked off Tuesday when Flex randomly trash talked Bow Wow on Twitter.

Bow Wow fired back, saying he only acknowledged DJ Clue.

Flex then peppered Bow Wow with questions about his—admittedly not booming—rap career.

Although this caused Bow Wow to block Flex on Twitter, he wasn't done firing shots at the Hot 97 DJ. He even dragged Drake into the mix with a very corny meme.

And here we are. Is this the worst rap beef of 2016 or the worst rap beef of the new millennium? You decide, but either way we all lose.