Even the most passionate of Migos fans would have to admit the Atlanta trio is sometimes a bit difficult to understand. They have a propensity for shouting both clearly defined words (“hey!”) and neologisms (“skkrrr!”). They’ve paved their own path and created a style that’s all their own.

Good news for the listeners out there who are still scratching their heads, however: someone created a website with a visualizer that lays out every absurd Migos ad-lib from their recent album, Culture.

Check out the beauty at migosadlibs.com. Oh, and be sure to click the Fullscreen button—it’s a totally different experience.

Rapper Declan Murphy and developer Alejandro Veloz are the creators of the project, according to Noisey.

There’s even a Twitter account for Migos Ad Libs. And though it only has 51 followers, you can bet that number is about to blow up.

Between the Dab and “Bad and Boujee,” which Donald Glover called the “best song ever,” Migos have taken off in the past two years. This clever project will likely only heighten their meteoric rise.