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UPDATE (12:13 p.m. EST): Big Sean is denying reports of being physically assaulted by a fan during an autograph signing Friday. The reports began surfacing Saturday morning after video surfaced of police subduing a man hurling verbal assaults at Big Sean. The video featured a bystander commenting that Big Sean was slapped, and the rapper took to Twitter to clarify things.

Look I never comment on this type of shit but they can't do me dirty and say a fan smacked me or no shit like that.

— Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017

some guy waited in line in the cold since 10am, bought my CD, when I signed his CD n shook his hand he TRIED to hit me off guard

— Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017

the dude was released from a mental hospital last week, has a long record of mental illness n was off his meds. Very serious issues

— Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017

He claimed he had wrote songs for Michael Jackson, Jay Z n was wit Birdman etc. I'm hoping he's getting the proper treatment he needs.

— Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017

I wanted to keep the signing going but the store shut it down. Sorry it got ruined for the rest of the real fans

— Sean Don (@BigSean) February 18, 2017

Big Sean earned his second No. 1 appearance on Billboard magazine’s Top 200 albums chart with I Decided, and celebrated with an obligatory album signing Friday night at an FYE in the Ridgewood section of Queens. In an era overrun with smartphone camera footage, the only clip to surface of the autograph session seems to be of a man being tackled by several police officers as he hurls obscenities at the G.O.O.D. Music rapper. Multiple sources report the man stood in line alongside fans Friday before he later attempted to slap Big Sean in the face. There’s no proof if his attempts were successful or not, as the only video to be produced features the obscured man in handcuffs being subdued by the officers.

Big Sean getting smacked by a fan at a meet and greet 😂😂😂

— ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ (@TrashCudi) February 18, 2017

“You pussy, nigga,” the unknown man screamed at Sean while being cuffed. “Tell Jay Z what’s up.”

A fan behind the assaulter can be heard saying the attempt connected and Sean was indeed slapped. The poor quality video also shows what appears to be an amused Big Sean shaking his head while talking to a few fans after the fracas calmed down.

All reports indicate the session was abruptly cut short, as police can be overheard ordering everyone out of the venue.

Deranged attacks aside, it’s been an eventful week for Big Sean. The Detroit native sold the equivalent of 151,000 album units to earn the top-selling album in the country with his fourth retail album as a soloist.