Both Tom Misch and Michael Kiwanuka should be names that you're becoming familiar with. The latter has twice been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the former is starting to make serious waves, not just for his own songs, but also for his work with vocalists like Kwabs, Loyle Carner and Marie Dahlstrøm. "Cold Little Heart", taken from Kiwanuka's critically revered second LP, Love & Hate, began life as the near ten-minute epic album opener. It was subdued, at times melancholic, at others joyous and uplifting. It was a hell of a journey.

Tom Misch's remix distils the essence of the track (primarily the uplifting parts) into a subtle, funky piece of pop music. As Misch explained to us via email, "I've been a fan of Michael's voice since I first heard Home Again a few years ago. It's very distinctive and raw, so just having the opportunity to remix a track of his was exciting. There were a lot of interesting parts from the original—and I had plenty of fun working thembut I finally settled with an idea using only his vocal stem. In the end, I pitched up my own vocal to create a new melody line which I think gives the song a different direction."

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