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Grammy's aside, R&B is in excellent health right now. For one thing, the sound has diversified and expanded massively in the past few years, with artists from all over the world taking R&B in new and exciting directions. One such artist is San Salvador producer AR Ferdinand. His latest track, "Sexy", is a jazzy, futuristic brand of R&B capped off with Justo Ontario's ultra-cool, utterly soulful vocals. 

Speaking to Complex over email, AR Ferdinand explained: "'Sexy' is one of the most versatile songs on the record. It was a slow process to finish it but when it came down to it, it all came together. The song has many jazz and funk layers to it; the bass is one I've been experimenting on for a while now, and it drives the song very smoothly. The lyrics bring it home with a critique of beauty and how we perceive it and how it's not what it seems, or at least what we really want. Overall, I'm really happy and excited to share this with all of you."

Listen below.