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UPDATE 2/17/17: TMZ has now released a clip from the event. It's worth noting, however, that Bieber is not seen doing any alleged headbutting in this video. Bieber simply reaches for the camera of the dude—identified in the new report as Dean Parker—before the clip cuts off. According to TMZ, the alleged face-striking isn't captured on the video. Police reportedly said the incident was called in as "a headbutt." Anyway, here's the clip:

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Headbutting is hard to do, right? It seems like it's really hard to do. At any rate, TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber allegedly headbutted some dude at a pre-Grammys bash last weekend. Cops are now reportedly looking into the incident as a "possible crime," i.e. a crime of the headbutting variety.

The alleged headbutting occurred around 2 a.m. Saturday at Serafina in Los Angeles, where the one and only Poo Bear was hosting an event. So-called "eyewitnesses" told TMZ that Bieber had been "play fighting" with Kyle Massey when he noticed a restaurant employee filming him. Bieber asked the dude to stop recording and wipe the video, a request the dude reportedly ignored. Bieber then allegedly lunged at the dude.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Office was reportedly notified about the alleged headbutting by another restaurant employee. When they showed up at Serafina, Bieber had already exited the establishment. The alleged victim of this equally alleged act of headbuttery doesn't want to press charges. A misdemeanor battery investigation, however, is reportedly moving ahead.

On Wednesday, a separate and entirely unrelated 2016 NBA Finals incident involving Bieber and some other dude reentered headlines. According to (who else?) TMZ, the alleged victim had tried to settle with Bieber out of court but Bieber hadn't cooperated. Though the investigation is still in progress and no charges have been filed, Bieber is now apparently some kind of a suspect in the incident. Here's a blow-by-blow throwback clip of that encounter:

Bieber is set to embark on a headbutt-free U.S. stadium tour later this year.