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Depending on whom you ask, the decade-long beef between Jim Jones and Tru Life peaked in the mid-aughts when Tru Life flaunted what most believed to be Jim’s stolen chains on a regional radio show.

“If you really want it back, baby boy, send over them ten stacks,” Tru Life said, holding what was assumed to be both Jim’s Diplomats and One-Eyed Willy chains. “I had it on eBay, but I took it off. We don't want shit like this…this 10 carat bullshit.”

The back and forth continued, and for an insight to how far back the beef dated, look no further than the allegations of Diplomats members reportedly hacking Tru Life’s MySpace page in January of 2007.

Any additional confrontations between Tru Life and The Diplomats effectively ended in 2011 when Tru Life pleaded guilty to gang assault and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

The undercurrent of on and off Roc-a-fella versus Diplomats beef fueled the situation between Tru Life and Jim Jones, as Tru had high profile beefs with Mobb Deep and others. With Jones reconciling with Jay Z and signing to his Roc Nation imprint in early February, things came full circle.

Jones and Tru Life chronicled their cease fire on Instagram from Roc Nation’s offices with minimal captions.

“If u know then u know,” Jones wrote.

Tru Life opted for the standard, “No caption needed,” effectively ending a feud punctuated by allegations of social media slander, chain snatchings and beatdowns.