This week Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a guest. After talking about her chances of performing at the next Super Bowl and her Las Vegas residency, we finally got to the juicy part: Drake.

J.Lo and Drizzy have rumored to be a fling since sharing a moment together on Instagram back in December. They’ve been spending significant time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas the past few months, and paired up at a Winter Wonderland Prom in Hollywood. Talks coupledom kicked into high gear when video emerged of them dancing and kissing.

So, all of us have to know: are they actually a couple? Or is this strictly business? “We were just hanging out,” J. Lo says of the cuddle photo with Drake.

“Did y’all really write a song together?” Ellen asks. “Yes, he did,” J. Lo replies. “Actually, he sent me a song that he wanted me to be on. And I got on the song. Yeah, we have a song together. I don’t know what he’s going to do with it, but yeah.”

Yes, it’s true. At that same prom night, you could hear new vocals from the duo off their unreleased record. But that’s as far as Ellen got. J.Lo would later dismiss the idea that she only dates younger men, recalling her on and off again relationship with Beau “Casper” Smart.

“I don’t date younger men. It’s not like you have to be younger. It’s not about that,” she says. “I just meet people and if I go out with them, I got out with them. And if I like them and I like them. If I don’t, I don’t. It’s about the person. It’s about who they are. It has nothing to do with age.”

The rumor isn’t completely debunked, but at least we know if she was dating Drake, it’s definitely not about his age. You can watch the rest of her interview with Ellen above.