YG's "FDT," originally released nearly a year ago as the second single from his Still Brazy album, is the anti-fascist gift that keeps on giving. In the weeks since the inauguration that weird Three Doors Down fan convention, hackers across the country have reportedly been forcing radio stations to crank the Nipsey Hussle-featuring track out to unsuspecting listeners.

For anyone not familiar with the acronym, "FDT" can be broken down into the following:

  • The F stands for "fuck."
  • The D stands for "Donald."
  • The T stands for "Trump."

An oldies and beach music station in South Carolina is the latest to have hack-played the protest anthem, BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday. "This is NOT our broadcast!" Lake Keowee Broadcasting Group boss Frank Patterson wrote in a since-deleted post on the Sunny 107.9 Facebook page Monday. "We at WFBS do not take political views! The FCC and WFBS are working to fix this situation ASAP."

Previously, on the day of Trump's semi-private concert in D.C., an R&B oldies station in Texas was forced to blast "FDT" for nearly an hour straight. That same day, stations in Indiana and Kentucky were also blessed with the Still Brazy standout. "We specifically avoid people coming on to talk about politics and religion," WCHQ program boss Gary Sampson told the Courier-Journal following an unintended 15-minute loop of YG's song. "It's a matter of providing a community outlet for musicians and artists. It's very disheartening that someone would take the opportunity to make a political statement."

Johannes Rietschel, founder of audio-over-IP device makers Barix, told BuzzFeed their products are popular among radio stations but are not intended to be operated without a firewall. "With significant interest to take over the devices for political messages or even blackmailing, there will be more takeovers and maybe even hacks," he said.

But anyway: