If you're a celebrity, there are a number of ways of dealing with the highs and lows of awards shows like the Grammys. If you're Rihanna, you'll spend the majority of the show turnt off whatever is in your flask; if you're Adele, and you're of the mind that Beyoncé's Lemonade was the Album of the Year, you might want to spend your time praising Queen Bey while breaking your Grammy award... allegedly.

As the story has been told since last night, Adele spent her Album of the Year acceptance speech for 25 talking up what Beyoncé means to her: "my artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this album for me, the Lemonade album, was just so monumental." Then, in what's been reported as a show of solidarity, Adele broke her Grammy.

Or so we thought. It did look like Mean Girls come to life; other reports say that Adele's Grammy broke on accident, at possibly the best time given the speech she had just given. Video has since been released showing Adele being given an unbroken Grammy for photo shoots.

Another interesting note about this is that the Grammys being handed out on stage aren't even real. According to this behind-the-scenes look at the Grammys from Billboard, the ones you see on the stage are called "stunt" Grammys that can be dropped and thrown around before the winners get the real-deal awards (complete with their names and info engraved on them), which are delivered about two months after the ceremony.

As of now, even with this new info in the air, it's hard to say if Adele legitimately broke this "stunt" Grammy to add emphasis to her speech, or if she just broke a prop Grammy that's sole purpose is to be around in case someone breaks it. Whatever the case may be, Adele's people aren't talking, and she probably doesn't give a sh*t about what we think regarding this broken Grammy.

We're not completely sold on her defiantly ripping her (stunt) Album of the Year Grammy up to share it with Beyoncé, although it'd be dope to see Adele make a fly medallion with the broken end for Bey. Just saying.