YG is being sued by poet Henry Richard Russell after allegedly failing to pay up for his contributions to My Krazy Life singles "Who Do You Love?" and "Bicken Back Being Bool," Uproxx reported Thursday. Russell, also known as Grimmis, is suing for copyright infringement and fraud after his previous demands for a cut of the profits were met with refusal.

Russell, according to an excerpt of the suit from the Dirty, first met YG back in 2014. After striking up a friendship, Russell and YG ended up collaborating on the album that eventually became My Krazy Life. Though YG "did not have the resources" to compensate Russell at the time, the poet claims he worked out an agreement regarding future revenue shares related to both new material and previously existing works used on the album.

Russell specifically claims his poem "Bitch! Who Do You Love?" which was used for the Drake-assisted platinum single has thus far resulted in no payouts. Russell's "Gladiator" poem appears in "Bicken Back Being Bool," though Russell is not listed as a writer in the album credits for either track.

In addition to his alleged contributions to My Krazy Life, Russell joined YG during a few live appearances to "pump up the crowd." The success of the album, Russell claims, is partly due to his input. The suit seeks unspecified damages and also names producer DJ Mustard, Def Jam, UMG, and YG's 400 Wayz publishing company. Additionally, Russell requested an injunction against YG on Wednesday to prevent him from continuing to sell any music featuring his work. 

Representatives for YG did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.