Riff Raff isn’t giving up.

In the days following Donald Trump’s election victory, the Houston rapper announced he’d perform at the presidential inauguration for $50,000. And although we’re only five days away from the event, Riff Raff is still trying to lock down a deal.

In mid-November, Riff Raff told TMZ he would perform at Trump’s inauguration because of one simple fact: He wants to see his bank account swell.

“Well, I love money. And I’m in America. And I was born in America. And I love money. So, why wouldn’t I? Gimme a lil’ 50k, I’m good,” he told TMZ. “I’ve had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, close to a million dollars in taxes myself […] On the bright side, somebody told me that Donald Trump is going to lower the taxes from 40-something percent to 15 percent. That means 300,000 to 400,000 in my bank account personally. That’s a Lambo a year, money that I’ve been giving away. Whoever it is, I don’t care if it’s a pack of Starbursts that’s running for president."

Within the last month, it was reported that Trump’s inaugural committee was struggling to find artists to perform at the event; however, the president-elect’s camp later denied this (of course). Elton John, Céline Dion, and Garth Brooks were just some of the big-name acts who reportedly turned down the offer to perform for Trump, which lead many people to wonder: Would there by a concert at all?

Well, on Friday, Trump’s inaugural committee announced they had finalized the event’s entertainment lineup, and revealed this year’s performers would include Toby Keith, Jon Voight, and 3 Doors Down. With only five more days until the event, it's not looking too good for Riff Raff.