MC and producer Shizz McNaughty recently turned 24 and to celebrate he's dropped a brand new video, titled "24", naturally. Taking Zeph Ellis' freezing cold "No Friends" beat, Shizz takes the track into grime's frostiest territories. Despite that icy exterior, it's a real celebration for the rising spitter. "24" was recorded in Tottenham and, as Shizz explained to us in an email, "the sample at the start summed up everything I wanted to say turning 24... This is me kick starting my time." The video itself, which the gang travelled over to Bow to shoot (how could they not?), is inspired by the VHS era, adding to the overall hazy feel of the track. Keen eyes will spot Bless Beats, Cosmo, Temps and "my day one friends" cropping up in the video, which you can watch up above.