With debut album R Together on the way (due Mar. via 100 Billion Wires), South London trio All The People are dropping the album's lead single "Beach Club". It may only be their debut album but All The People have already gone on quite a journey to become the peddlers of luxurious electronics we know today. In their first iteration they were The Burbs, a D&B duo that worked in the melodic and jazzy quarters of the D&B scene. Then that dissolved and brothers Ashley and Simon linked up with vocalist Curtis to form All The People. Their latest offering, the album's lead single "Beach Club", is a very different kind of track from previous drop "Don't Think". "Beach Club" takes a sort of trip-hop beat and carefully mixes it with some gentle R&B crooning and some mind-expanding synths, continuing the threepiece's goal to marry club sounds with warmer and more relaxed electronics. A promising hint of what the album has in store.