Post Malone’s recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid has left fans asking: Will we ever hear his unreleased collaborations with Kanye West?

During an appearance on Shade 45’s The Whoolywood Shuffle, Malone dished on his experience working with West for The Life of Pablo track "Fade," and how he landed on the record.

‘Fade’ was just a dope vibe, a little funky vibe, so let’s try something new,” the Texas rapper said. “You never really know what to expect, but [Kanye] played me the song, or he sent me the song so I could hear it. And then I did like a scratch vocal and then I got in the actual studio with him and actually cut the real vocals to the song.”

He then touched on West’s creative process and their similar recording styles.

“I’ll tell you what. He’s got this pad of paper with just like thousands of ideas in it, lines that he’ll use. Throughout the day he’ll probably just think of something and write it down, he flips through and comes up with the craziest stuff, off a freestyle, off a flow," the 21-year-old said. “We kind of record in the same way, but in his way he’s just so much more genius than me.”

In the months leading up to Stoney’s release, Malone revealed he and West had recorded more music for his debut album; but, as we now know, the material didn’t make the final cut. Whoo Kid, of course, brought up the unreleased collaboration, asking Malone how many tracks he ended up doing with West.

Malone hesitates. “Um … a couple of them,” he said, drawing laughs in the studio.

Following the release of Stoney, the rapper reassured fans his records with West would not stay in the vault. He also teased the tracks during an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show: “There’s another track that’s not out,” he said about working with West. “Very under wraps. I’m hoping [it comes out]. It’s a fire record and very relevant.”

Let’s hope we hear the song sooner than later.

While we wait, you can check out Malone’s interview in the video above. He also dishes on collaborating with Justin Bieber, hanging with Toby Keith, and why he no longer smokes weed.