As we all know, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are probably (maybe) dating at the moment. Or it could just be a ploy to sell music. So I guess we don't know. Whatever the case, they're up to something. Still, whatever Drake and JLo have going on apparently isn't stopping Drizzy from socializing while over in Europe for his new tour. Thanks to the Daily Mail, we now have new pics of Drake having dinner with porn star Rosee Divine.

It's unclear what the occasion was but the two seemed to be enjoying each other's company during the meal. What this means for Drake's rumored relationship with JLo is also unknown, but it could mean the speculation about how they were just putting on a show to promote future music was actually true. Again, we don't know. We don't even know the nature of Drake's dinner with Divine. Maybe they're friends. It's all very silly. But the internet in 2017 is silly so here we are. Check out the photos of Drake and Divine below.