On Tuesday night, BET aired the first part of its three-night miniseries about New Edition, appropriately titled The New Edition Story. The TV event was highly anticipated by basically everyone old enough to remember songs like "Candy Girl" and "Mr. Telephone Man," or arguments over whether Ralph or Bobby was the cutest. 

Sure enough, the first part of the broadcast got reactions that lined up with the film's positive reviews. Right from the beginning, viewers were on board.

One of the first things people observed was that the group members looked a lot like their real-world counterparts. 

But viewers took special note of young actor Tyler Williams, in his first major role, who played a young Bobby Brown. The physical resemblance was almost too uncanny for some viewers.

And when the music came on, well, pretty much everyone started dancing—even at the risk of startling their children.

The night's only major complaint seemed to be the overwhelming amount of commercials.

But even with all the interruptions, there's no doubt the audience will be back for nights two and three.

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