Earlier this month, Twitter went on a serious R&B tear with the #90sRnB hashtag, and people got their debate on for who could (and should) be sitting atop the R&B mountain. The thing is, for groups like Jodeci and 112, there would be no #90sRnB without groups like New Edition. That quintet helped introduce the world to enigmas like Bobby Brown, "Poison" by BBD, and the soulful vocals of Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant. Truth be told, without New Edition, there's be no New Kids on the Block, N'Sync, or Backstreet Boys, so really, the worlds of R&B and pop were forever transformed by the work of these kids from Roxbury, Mass. If you're not up on any of that history, though, don't trip—BET's premiering the first part of their three-part miniseries The New Edition Story tonight.

Similar to Jacksons: An American DreamThe New Edition Story takes it back to the essence, showcasing the journey that New Edition took from the projects of Massachusetts to the Hollywood Hills. A group of young, broke, black boys turned into a squad that sold 30 million units in their career, netting four American Music Awards, 14 #1 hit records, and more as a group and as solo acts. It's a story that has hit the gossip mags and the streets, but in light of biopics like Straight Outta Compton and the upcoming All Eyez On Me, it makes sense that the story of New Edition gets properly told.

​I don't know about you, but when I saw this trailer, I was instantly hype. A great story with actors I recognized from The WireEmpireStranger Things, and more? Sold. Now, if you didn't catch all of the familiar faces, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's a look at many of the New Edition Story actors you know you've seen but might not remember. It's time for you to get as amped for this as I am.