In recent months, Soulja Boy has found himself being ridiculed by actor Shia LaBeouf as well as being made into a meme by Joe Budden and others on account of his DJ Vlad interview. In addition to reportedly beefing with Chris Brown, Soulja Boy now finds himself the butt of some of 50 Cent’s Instagram jokes. Fif’s been poking fun at both Soulja Boy and Chris Brown on Instagram the last few days while promoting a charity boxing event between Brown and Soulja Boy as well as 21 Savage and 22 Savage. Given 50’s previous experience engaging in viral beef with Fat Joe, Rick Ross, and Vivica Fox, the Queens MC had no shortage of memes and playful yet disrespectful talk.

“Hey check this shit out,” 50 said in one of the half dozen Instagram clips. “So Soulja Boy just got robbed in L.A. That don’t mean the fight is off. He got no choice. He gotta fight now, right? Floyd [Mayweather] is supposed to be training him, but I kinda feel like Floyd wants to train him just so he can beat me.”


Naturally, Fif worked his on-and-off buddy Floyd Mayweather into the mix, as well as former boxing champion Mike Tyson. 50 bought Mike Tyson’s palatial Connecticut mansion in 2003. Soulja Boy and 50 collaborated on the track “Mean Mug” in 2010, so Fif’s latest round of posts work in a trio of “frenimies” all at the same time.