"Pardon me as I vent," Skillz raps as he takes us through the highs (Beyoncé's Lemonade) and lows (too many to name) of this past year in his "2016 Rap Up."

He kicks off with some light pop-culture subjects like Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting the Oscar, Hamilton popping off, and El Chapo getting caught. From there, the rap descends down the rabbit hole that was 2016 with bars about "Panda" being a hit despite no one understanding the words, the constant annoyance of going to swipe a credit card but being told "you gotta use your chip," and everyone still wondering just who Beyoncé was referencing with her "Becky with the good hair" line.

​Of course, things only get more depressing from there with a quick Harambe reference before reminding everyone that this was the year we lost both Prince and Muhammad Ali.

There's also plenty of music references like the shout out to that time Birdman confronted Charlamagne tha God and quickly walked off his Breakfast Club interview. "And Lil Wayne still not putting respeck on his name," Skillz raps, referencing the lol comment and the pair's longstanding beef that has gone on this entire year.

He also touches on some more somber topics like the alarming rate unarmed black men were shot and the devastating Orlando shooting.

A new iPhone and wireless airpods debuted, Galaxy phones exploded, Gucci came home from prison, and Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton for president. It's all in there. Relive 2016 in all of its absurdity by listening to the "2016 Rap Up" below.