Lupe Fiasco is a man of his word.

During this year’s Capcom Cup video game tournament, the Chicago rapper told fans he’d release the full version of a track called “Killers”…if famed gamer NuckleDu took home the championship title. Well, Lupe and his fans got exactly what they wanted. Shortly after NuckleDu, born Du Dang, walked away with a victory, Lupe kept his promise and dropped (almost all of) "Killers" on Monday via Twitter.

The track was debuted earlier this year during the EVO 2016 Street Fighter V tournament. It was used to introduce the top 8 fights, and included countless video game references: “He was talking that on stream/He was talking that online/You can say whatever you want/But you ain't talking that right now,” Lupe raps. “Maybe you can tell yourself exactly how to take this game back/Save you from these combos, maybe help you out these frame traps.”

It’s no secret Lupe is a huge Street Fighter buff. Not only has he referenced the game in his lyrics, he has also gone head-to-head with legendary gamer Daigo Umehara, and actually defeated Umehara in a Street Fighter V match.

Lupe announced he would release multiple albums—Drogas, Drogas Light, and Skulls—before the end of 2016; however, it’s unlikely fans will get those projects anytime soon. Though the rapper insisted both Drogas and Drogas Light were completed, they have been pushed back due to clearances and mixing problems. He has yet to announce a release date.