Last Thursday, BACARDÍ​ x The Dean Collection launched the No Commission project in London. Having already brought the art fair to Miami and New York, this marked the first steps into international territory. The project brought together the many disparate strands of contemporary visual art with established and up and coming artists. in a triumphant display of creativity. The aim behind the project, of course, is to showcase the work of a wide-range of global artists while giving them a platform to sell their work and keep 100% of the money—hence, No Commission.

"We are always looking to bring our brand story to life in visceral ways," explained Head of Creative Excellence at BACARDÍ​​, Zara Mirza. "BACARDÍ​​ is really about being the best bit in people's lives—going out with friends, the social aspect of people's lives—and with that we find we bump into adjacent areas of culture—music and art being two that not only our audience engage with naturally, but that are true to our brand history."