Here's Nelly's Explanation Behind Kelly Rowland's Excel Spreadsheet Texting in "Dilemma" Video

Nelly tried to explain why Kelly Rowland was texting in an Excel spreadsheet for their 2002 "Dilemma" video.

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Nelly has had his share of hits and iconic music video moments, but the rapper recently touched on one in particular that his fans still discuss a decade after it took place.

Back in 2002, Nelly and Kelly Rowland linked up for their No. 1 hit "Dilemma" and later shared an accompanying video for the track. The visual starred both artists who were into each other, but they were unable to get together because Kelly was already dating someone. Her boo and her had a bit of a texting mix up when she was waiting to hear back from his texts that were somehow sent through an Excel spreadsheet on her Nokia phone.

During a recent interview on Australia's The Project, Nelly was put on the spot (check the 3:10 mark) about the technology and completely failed at his attempt to explain why it was used. "That was the thing at the time! That was the new technology at the time," Nelly said in defense of the texts before admitting, "It looks a little dated now."

I will take every opportunity to talk about the Excel spreadsheet texting in Nelly & Kelly's 2002 hit "Dilemma"

Many of us remember the days of T9 when texting wasn't as easy as it is typing it on our iPhones today. Still, we don't really remember a time we had to text in an Excel spreadsheet. Maybe Kelly was drafting her next text before pressing send? Maybe the director thought it looked cool? We might never know, but you can relive some early '00s nostalgia by rewatching the video below and realizing that the song is still pretty fire.

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