Salva has built a career on his electric live show as well as dropping originals, remixes, and bootlegs to showcase his talents in the studio. Fans of the Los Angeles-based DJ/producer can add another favorite to the collection as he shares a remix of Banks’ “Gemini Feed.” 

Salva injects the original with a melodic mid-tempo backdrop that will get anyone moving on the dance floor. This also counts as Salva’s second time working on an official Banks remix, and he may have upped the ante this time around.

“Following up my remix of ‘Beggin for Thread’ for Banks a couple years ago, I was excited to get my hands on Banks’ latest single ‘Gemini Feed,’” Salva told Complex via email. “I tried to keep the DNA of the song intact and add some minimal dance floor elements, something that can crossover to the radio and feel still feel good at a warehouse rave.”

Check out Salva’s remix of Banks’ “Gemini Feed” below. You can also grab Salva’s new single “Saw the Light” on iTunes and stream it on SoundCloud.