It looks like what was once considered impossible might actually be happening. The legendary rap duo Eric B. & Rakim appear set to embark upon a live reunion tour.

The news broke recently when the pair's Twitter account sent a simple message: "We are back."

It's official. You heard it here first.

— Eric B and Rakim™ (@EricBandRakim) October 20, 2016

We are back.

— Eric B and Rakim™ (@EricBandRakim) October 20, 2016

That was followed up a short while later when they clarified that they were going to hit the road together.

Where do we jump off this new tour?

— Eric B and Rakim™ (@EricBandRakim) October 22, 2016

Eric B. & Rakim shared the stage for the first time after their breakup about six years ago at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Induction Gala at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York. It was the first time the co-habitated the same space in about 16 years and seem to break some of the ice that had accumulated between them. “You know what Rak, we never got a BET award, a Soul Train Award, a Grammy, but guess what. We got a Long Island Music Award!" Eric B. said at the event.

The pair are universally heralded as being among the greatest, most influential rap duos of all-time. They released their first single "Eric B. For President" back in 1986 and then unleashed their debut masterpiece Paid in Full the following year. The duo hung around for another five years before finally calling it quits shortly after unleashing Don't Sweat the Technique in 1992. 

While it's unclear at this time if they might have any new music to go along with their as-yet-unannounced run of live dates, it's awesome to see two legends get back at it again so many years after they broke new ground.